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swahili translation companyFirst-class Swahili translation


Looking for a quality Swahili to English or English to Swahili translation service? Look no further – we are the African language experts.


We offer a comprehensive translation service catering for organisations, businesses and individuals.


Professional English to Swahili translators


Our team of accomplished Swahili translators will take care of all your needs, offering you a convenient one-stop translation solution.


Solid experience in African languages combined with a customer centric business culture guarantees you a world-class Swahili translation how you want it and when you want it. Our team have been assembled over the past five years as we anticipated the rise in African emerging economies. All translators bring with them knowledge of dialects, business sectors, formats and media.


No matter if your project is the translation of a website, marketing material, an agricultural manual, health documents or a video, we have the team to get it done.


As a UK based translation company with an office in South Africa, we mainly deal with translations both from Swahili to English and English to Swahili.


Clients range from private individuals to media agencies to legal firms to blue chip companies – we accept any job whether big or small.


About the Swahili Language

Swahili is sometimes called Kiswahili or Kisuaheli and is spoken in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Burundi, Kenya, Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, and Uganda.

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