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Reach out to your audience in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world with Sinhala translation services designed for London, UK and global clients.

Benefit from the same personal approach and subject matter expertise used by some of the UK’s largest and most successful enterprises and organisation, including Marks & Spencers and the BBC – and accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards.

Know that your Sinhala translation is always being handled by experts with qualifications and/ or experience in your field who also happen to be native speakers of your target language, whether it be Sinhalese or English.

Let us know what your latest project calls for today. Our highly experienced linguists are just as used to localising branding as they are providing technical translation or professional legal translation for jurisdictions around the world.

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  • Get Sinhala translation expertise from subject matter specialists in your field
  • Count on native-speaking linguists working into their mother tongue
  • Rely on extensive QA processes including professional editing and proofreading
  • Access cost-effective rates and transparent pricing
  • Have your own personal account manager assigned to meet your needs

Count on industry specialists for all Sinhala translation

Work with Sinhala translators who are qualified, experienced professionals and always native speakers of the target language in questions. By using a native speaker on your project, we guarantee that elements such as vocabulary, style, fluidity and cultural suitability have all been addressed.

Our Sinhala translation service caters for both private individuals and businesses. We can handle everything from the smallest to the largest document in any format and on any subject matter. Join our other major and smaller clients in the UK and around the world who use us for:

Source Sinhala translators for specific projects

Use our Sinhala translation team to deal with letters, brochures, handbooks, articles, manuals, guides, contracts, novels – almost any project or document you might need to translate.

You can use us to localise your marketing, sometimes creatively re-imagining it for local audiences if required. Equally, you can count on our experts to precisely translate complicated technical content in commercial, academic, environmental and scientific fields, as well as many others.

Meet the Sinhala language needs of your Sri Lankan audience

Sinhala is mainly spoken in Sri Lanka. It is also commonly referred to as Sinhalese, Singhalese, Singhala or Cingalese.

However, there are some districts in the north, east and centre of Sri Lanka where it is not the main spoken language. Tamil is the other official language of Sri Lanka, while a Portuguese Creole and Creole Malay are also spoken by significant minorities in Sri Lankan society.

Rest assured that whatever your Sri Lankan audience’s language preferences are, with Kwintessential you will have the expertise and native-speaking linguists you need to meet them. Whether it be the Sinhala translation services we provide to clients in London and worldwide or specialists in other languages, Kwintessential is here to provide reliable and accurate solutions for all of your language needs. Contact us now or email us at to get started on your Sri Lankan translation project!

About Sinhala language

Sinhala is a language spoken in Sri Lanka. It is the native language of the Sinhalese people, who make up the largest ethnic group in the country. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family of languages, and it has been heavily influenced by South Indian languages such as Tamil and Telugu. Sinhala is written in its script, called Sinhala lipi.

Sinhala has a rich literary tradition spanning centuries and is the language of choice for religious texts in Sri Lanka. It has official status in both Sri Lanka and Singapore, where it is known as Singalese. Sinhala also serves as one of the twenty-three national languages of India, alongside Hindi and English.

Sinhala is a language of great vitality in Sri Lanka with many dialectical variations. Its vocabulary contains borrowings from both Sanskrit and Pali and words from Portuguese, Dutch, English, and other languages. It has also adapted itself to the spoken form of English by incorporating some elements into its phonological structure.

Sinhala is an important cultural and political language in Sri Lanka. Many freedom fighters have used it as a powerful tool to express their views on freedom and independence. The Sinhala language movement in the 1950s was instrumental in gaining political rights for the country’s minority ethnic groups. Today, Sinhala is widely spoken throughout the country and used to express various sentiments, including nationalistic pride. It is also an essential language of Sri Lanka business, government, education and media.

Sinhala is a highly versatile language that continues to evolve with time. Its deep cultural roots make it an exciting choice for learning by those interested in exploring the history and culture of one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

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