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Our Portuguese translation services are perfect for businesses seeking to expand their global presence

Target your Portuguese-speaking audience in any part of the world with our powerful, effective Portuguese translation services. Serving clients in London, across the UK, and globally, we are used to delivering translations that meet the dynamically different needs of a variety of clients.

What never changes is the quality of translations we produce. Relying on a native-speaking team of subject matter specialists, all of our Portuguese translations look entirely natural and persuasive to a native reader.

Start by discussing your project with your personal relationship manager. They will make sure you are all set up to get precisely what you need from your project. Which will always be delivered in line with the highly respected ISO:9001 and ISO:17100 quality standards.

Why use Kwintessential?

  • Benefit from on-call customer service and your personal project manager
  • Enjoy straightforward pricing and a free, no-obligation quote
  • Relax in the knowledge that native-speaking translators make you sound like a native too
  • Master the use of terminology across languages with subject matter specialist linguists

Expert Portuguese translators to help your business succeed in the global market

Every linguist delivering our Portuguese translation services in London, the UK, and worldwide is a qualified, trained, and experienced professional. They produce work of the highest standard, overseen by our dedicated project managers.

We work with clients from all walks of business life, across sectors, and with drastically different demands. This puts us in a strong position to serve you. Because we understand the often unique requirements of the field you are in. For our clients, we regularly produce:

Are you searching for a professional Brazilian or Portuguese translator?

Portuguese is spoken in numerous places around the world. If you want to communicate like a native, the only method is to use a native-speaking linguist to translate your communications.

That’s exactly what we do. Whether you want to localise your materials for a Portuguese-speaking audience in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, or elsewhere, we hand-pick the right professional.

Because we appreciate the nuances of language and dialect across the world. We always consider this when assigning translators to your project.

Discover the most suitable Portuguese translation services in London to fulfill your requirements

Start taking your project through with your freshly-assigned personal relationship manager today. All we need to provide you with a quote is the number of words you need us to translate, the language, and the format of your document. And, of course, your deadline.

You can also let us know your precise requirements for your project and ask any questions you might have about getting what you need from your latest Portuguese translation project in London or anywhere in the world.

Count on us to handle projects:

  • Featuring any format – including letters, emails, brochures, handbooks, websites, and more.
  • Of any length – covering anywhere from 5 to 500 000 words.
  • Ready to publish – with multilingual DTP and typesetting experts standing by, you can always have your next project delivered publication-ready.

About the Portuguese language

Portuguese is a Romance language spoken by about 250 million people worldwide, making it the sixth most spoken language. It originated in Portugal, and its official status was sealed in 1290 when King Denis I decreed that all public documents should be written in Portuguese. Portuguese is a member of the Romance languages and shares many similarities to other Romance languages such as Spanish, French, and Italian. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde Islands and Guinea-Bissau. It also enjoys co-official status in Macau (China) and East Timor. Several dialects are spoken across its many countries, including Brazilian and European Portuguese. Portuguese is written using the Latin script (Roman alphabet). It has 26 letters, the same as English, plus three extra ones; ã, õ and ẽ.

Portuguese has several unique features, such as using verbal conjugation to change verb tenses, object pronouns to replace nouns, and many irregular verb conjugations. It is a tonal language, meaning how words are pronounced can change their meaning. Its vocabulary is heavily influenced by Latin and other languages such as Arabic and Tupi-Guarani (Brazilian Indigenous). Portuguese has been adopted as the official language of the African Union and is one of the fastest-growing languages on the internet. It is also used in music, art, literature, and film.

Portuguese has a long history and is celebrated for its diversity, beauty, and unique characteristics.  From its humble beginnings as a regional tongue to its current status as a global language, Portuguese is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.  Its influence will continue to grow as more and more people learn about it and appreciate its rich culture and history.

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