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What is your latest project? Mission-critical documents? Marketing? An e-learning course? Use our Norwegian translation services in London, the UK and globally to communicate powerfully anywhere Norwegian is spoken.

The key to this is our pool of native-speaking Norwegian to English and English to Norwegian translators. These are experts who are also subject matter specialists in particular fields.

This might mean being an expert marketer. A former or practising lawyer. Or a healthcare professional. Whatever industry you’re in – it means a linguist who is a specialist in that field too.

Supported by a highly experienced project management team and accredited as meeting the vital ISO:9001 and ISO:17100 quality standards, this is the easy way to get highly effective Norwegian translation any time you need it.

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All-industry Norwegian translation in London

Every single one of our Norwegian to English and English to Norwegian translations in London, the UK, and worldwide is carried out by in-country translators. Each is a qualified, experienced and native-speaking professional who produces work of the highest standards.

Our translators only translate into their native languages and only on subject matter they are competent to deal with. Some of our most popular work takes the form of:

Norwegian translators working to get you what you need

When you use our Norwegian translation service in London or anywhere else in the world, you will be dealing personally with your own dedicated relationship manager. They will ensure your translation is completed in line with all of your requirements and on your schedule.

Individual clients and international corporations alike come to us for the same personalised service and all manner of projects:

  • Any length – count on us to translate documents of all sizes. From 50 to 500 000 words.
  • All formats – use us to localise letters, emails, brochures, websites and more.
  • Publication-ready – rely on our multilingual DTP and typesetting services to deliver Norwegian translations which are ready to be published.

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Our team of experienced linguists specialises in providing accurate and culturally appropriate translations for companies from London and the UK. From marketing materials to legal documents, we can handle any project you throw our way. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means you can always count on us to deliver top-notch results. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our Norwegian translation services and start reaching a whole new audience!

Useful info to know about the Norwegian language

What language do Norwegians speak?

The overwhelming majority – more than 95% – of Norwegians speak Norwegian (often referred to as Norsk). This means around 5.3 million people speak Norwegian altogether, including perhaps 100 000 outside of Norway.

For Norwegian translation purposes, it is important to note that there are two official forms of written Norsk, both of which have their own variants:

Bokmål (“Book Tongue”) is used by around 90% of the population of Norway. Bokmål has its origins in the Dano-Norwegian language used by cultural elites in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Nynorsk (“New Norwegian”) is used by roughly 10% or less of the Norwegian population. Nynorsk was developed by a Norwegian linguist in the 1850s and is based on a group of spoken dialects of Norwegian.

There are also a number of other minority languages spoken in Norway. Plus, there is one other official language alongside Norwegian – Sámi. Sámi is spoken by a little less than 1% of the Norwegian population.

Do Norwegians speak English?

Around 4.6 million people (out of a population of around 5.3 million) in Norway have some level of English. The Norwegian population has a very high degree of English fluency overall, consistently rated in the top five of all countries in the world.

English (Engelsk in Norwegian) is taught from primary school ages onwards.

What is the Scandinavian language?

Technically speaking, there is no one “Scandinavian language”. However, it’s often said that Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish do exist on a dialect continuum.

Indeed, if you speak one of these three languages, you can usually understand and make yourself understood in the others. At least to some extent.

All three are descended from Old Norse (commonly known as the “language of the Vikings”), but they do have distinct differences. For instance, Norwegian and Danish have a lot of common vocabulary. However, they are pronounced very differently. Meanwhile, Norwegian and Swedish are pronounced in much the same way, yet their vocabularies are very different.

Is Norwegian a dying language?

No, Norwegian is not a dying language. However, there are languages spoken within the borders of Norway that are considered “threatened” or dying.

These include Lule Sámi, South Sámi, and Pite Sámi, Kven, and Norwegian Traveller.

Are Norwegian and Dutch the same language?

Norwegian and Dutch are both Germanic languages, but they are by no means the same. For point of reference, English is a Germanic language too.

In technical terms, English and Dutch are West Germanic languages while Norwegian is a North Germanic language.

However, because of the way the languages evolved, one glance at a Dutch-Norwegian dictionary will show you that these two languages do have a surprising amount in common – at least in the roots of words. But there are a huge array of differences between the two, not least their grammar and pronunciation!

It will be very rare indeed for a Norwegian speaker to be able to properly understand a Dutch speaker or vice versa.

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