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Reliable Mongolian Translations


Mongolian translation services by professional Mongolian translators. All translators are experienced professionals that translate into their native language.


Quality English to Mongolian Translations


Undertaken by professional, vetted and experienced translators working solely into their native language.


Quality Project Management


Let one of our dedicated Project Managers take care of all your needs and deliver your Mongolian translation when, where and how you want.


Comprehensive Mongolian Translations


We deal with all fields including business, legal, technical, financial, scientific, government, NGO, IT, software, subtitling, and website translation to name a few.


Alongside our translation services we also offer Mongolian DTP (desktop publishing, graphics, artwork and design), website design, interpreting, transcription and more!


Facts about the Mongolian Language


Mongolian is a Mongolic language. The Altaic theory proposes that the Mongolic family is a member of the larger Altaic family, which would also include the Turkic and Tungusic languages. Related Mongolic languages in any case include the probably extinct Moghol language of Afghanistan, Khamnigan and Dagur in the East of Greater Mongolia and Shira Yugur, Bonan, Santa and Monguor in Qinghai and Gansu. Oirat (consisting of Kalmyk and Oirat varieties spoken in China and Mongolia) and Buryat are sometimes considered to be major dialects and sometimes as Mongolic languages of their own right, and there are scientists who hold that Ordos is an independent language as well.

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