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If you are looking for a reliable and affordable Macedonian translation agency, you have come to the right place. We are a leading language translation company offering services in translation with professionalism, quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a Macedonian company hoping to break into the English speaking market or vice-versa, we are here to help. Our carefully selected Macedonian translators offer well written, clear translations for your all your communication needs.

Why use our Macedonian Translation Services?

Quality Translations: Kwintessential provides high-quality translations from Macedonian to other languages and vice versa. They have a team of experienced translators dedicated to ensuring accuracy and consistency in their work.

Customised Solutions: Kwintessential offers customised solutions tailored to the individual needs of their clients. They understand the importance of accuracy and strive to provide a service meeting each customer’s requirements.

Affordable Rates: Kwintessential offers competitive rates for their Macedonian translation services, making them an ideal choice for those needing translations on a budget.

Fast Turnaround Times: Kwintessential aims to provide fast turnaround times so customers don’t have to wait long for their translations to be delivered.

Experienced Team: The team at Kwintessential is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of translation services, providing a professional and reliable service. They are well-versed in various language pairs, ensuring their translations are accurate and up-to-date.

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Certified Macedonian Translations

For those needing an official translation, we can also provide certified translations of personal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, academic qualifications and the like.

Macedonian Language Facts – Did you know?

Macedonian is an Indo-European language and the official language of North Macedonia. It is closely related to other South Slavic languages, such as Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian. Many people in Canada, Australia, Germany and the United States also speak Macedonian. Although it has historically been written using Cyrillic and Latin scripts, after independence in 1991, Macedonian officially adopted only the Cyrillic alphabet.

Macedonian is written with a distinct set of 30 letters, all derived from the Cyrillic script. It has no tones or inflectional forms for nouns and adjectives; instead, it uses particles to indicate this. Macedonian grammar is comparatively straightforward, and cognates are easy to find between English and Macedonian words. Despite its small size, Macedonian has a rich literature dating back to the 11th century. Its main dialects include Western, Eastern and Torlakian, which have distinct sounds and cultural influences.

The language also possesses a wide variety of proverbs, sayings and idioms. Macedonian is an essential language for the Balkan region, and it continues to be spoken by many people today.  Ultimately, it is an integral part of Macedonian culture and identity.

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