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Accurate and reliable Latvian translation services with Kwintessential

Join the BBC, Facebook, Marks & Spencer and dozens of other organisations that use options like our Latvian translation services to do business in London, across the UK, and globally.

Get anything from your website to financial documents, technical schematics to e-learning courses powerfully and effectively localised by native-speaking specialists in your field.

You’ll be relying on subject matter specialists in everything from life sciences to law, marketing to manufacturing to communicate your message or translate precise technical content clearly wherever Latvian is spoken.

Trust Latvian translation services accredited as meeting the vital ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards to take your authority and expertise with you across the language barrier.

Why use Kwintessential?

  • Enjoy a convenient one-stop Latvian translation service that includes multilingual DTP
  • Get unrivalled customer service through your personal account manager
  • Know you’re paying competitive rates for highly accredited services
  • Communicate via subject matter specialists in your industry to ensure accuracy
  • Count on native-speaking linguists for fluent, compelling translations

Translate key communications of all kinds

Get Latvian to English or English to Latvian translation that always makes use of native speakers of your target language.

This is the best way to ensure your translated communications – whether they happen to be important documents, literature, technical schematics, or online content – are fluent, accurate, and persuasive where they need to be.

You can use our expert Latvian translators to create carefully adapted versions or precise certified translations of your:

  • Business documents, from financial statements to contracts
  • Brochures, infographics, sales copy, advertising, and all kinds of marketing
  • Website or app, online and digital content
  • File formats from Word files to PDFs to PowerPoint presentations
  • Technical documents, schematics, and instruction manuals of all kinds

Use Latvian translation services designed for key sectors

Achieving accuracy and fluency no matter the subject we are translating for you is only possible because our Latvian translators are specialists in particular fields and industries.

If you need to translate legal documents, for example, we would match your project with a linguist who also has experience and/or qualifications in a matching field of law.

Alternatively, if you were translating technical documents designed for use in the aeronautical engineering industry, we’d pair you with a Latvian linguist with relevant in-domain knowledge.

Get your message across everywhere Latvian is spoken

Sometimes referred to as Lettish, Latvian is spoken in the Baltics by around 1.3 million people. It is the official language of Latvia and one of the official languages of the European Union. It is also spoken by the roughly 100 000 Latvians who live elsewhere around the world.

An Eastern Baltic language related to Lithuanian, Latvian is most similar to Latgalian and Kursenieki. Both of these languages are mutually intelligible with Latvian to the point where it isn’t clear from a technical standpoint whether they are varieties or individual languages.

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