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Kwintessential provides the kind of Italian translation services needed by companies in London, across the UK, and globally. Our clients range from major multinational companies to businesses reaching beyond their domestic markets for the first time.

We build great relationships with our clients. Because we understand that the on-the-spot, ever-ready customer service you receive from us can be just as important as the quality of our ISO:9001 and ISO:17100 accredited Italian translations.

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Count on Italian translators who are native specialists

Your project will always be completed by Italian translators who are qualified professional linguists who have been in the industry for many years.

All of the linguists delivering our Italian to English and English to Italian translation services in London and around the world work exclusively into their mother tongues. This means only a native Italian speaker will translate your projects into Italian. On the flip side, it also means we only ever use English native-speakers for translating Italian into English.

By doing so, we ensure that our translations are accurate, fluent, and read smoothly and naturally on a cultural level.

Get accurate Italian translations for every industry in London

Our Italian to English and English to Italian translation services are truly comprehensive. We work with a range of clients in London, the UK, and worldwide from various sectors and regularly provide:

Use us to deal with all manner of subjects in all conventional formats. Whether you need a brochure, leaflet, website, contract, manual, or anything else translated, the specialist Italian translators working through our London office are ready to get started on your project.

Important things to understand about the Italian language

What language do Italians speak?

Italian is the national language of Italy. Almost all Italians speak it. The language evolved from “Vulgar Latin”, the colloquial Latin of the Roman Empire, via the Tuscan spoken in medieval Florence. At the same time as speaking Italian, a large number of Italians also regularly use one of more than a dozen local and regional languages to communicate.

These regional languages are often derived from Vulgar Latin, just as Italian is. This means they are classified as Romance languages. Almost all of these regional languages are native to a specific area of Italy and are only used in that area.

In Italian, these regional languages are referred to as dialetti. Yet it would be wrong to think of these languages as dialects in the usual sense. They are not variants of Italian. They each more or less evolved from the Vulgar Latin spoken in their region and continued to evolve to the modern day in parallel to Italian. In fact, many of the regional Romance languages predate Italian.

It’s more accurate to think of every region of Italy as having its own Vulgar Latin-derived regional language, but that everyone also speaks the Tuscan regional language (now called Italian). Confusingly, Italian now has its own regional varieties! These are influenced in many parts by the regional language spoken there.

However, there are exceptions to all of this. These include languages like Arbëresh, spoken by the Arbëresh people of Italy and many Italo-Albanians (which has Albanian roots), Cimbrian (which has Germanic roots), Griko (Greek roots), and Slavomolisano (Slavic roots).

Where is Italian spoken?

In addition to being the national language of Italy, Italian is an official language in two cantons of Switzerland, in San Marino, and in Vatican City.

It also has official status in other parts of the world, including being an official minority language in the largest Adriatic peninsula (Istria), which is shared between Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. Italian is also well understood by Corsicans in Corsica, as arguably Corsican is an Italian dialect.

Italian is one of the working languages of the Council of Europe, the common language of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, and is often referred to as the language of music. If you have ever heard a conductor say “allegro” or discussion of “altos” and “tenors”, these are musical terms borrowed from Italian. There are dozens of others.

Outside of Europe, Italian is spoken by large expat and immigrant communities in Australia and the Americas as well as by people in significant parts of Africa that were once Italian colonies.

How many people speak Italian?

Around 15% of the population of the EU – around 67 million people – speak Italian as their native language. Another 3% – around 13.4 million – speak it as a second language. This number rises to around 85 million Italian speakers in total when you consider the non-EU parts of the continent.

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