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The comprehensive Dutch translation service

Enjoy a comprehensive Dutch translation service designed to serve the needs of any business in London, across the UK, and around the globe.

All of our localisations intended for Dutch-speaking audiences in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond are of the highest quality. They are completed in the shortest possible timeframe by linguists who are also subject matter specialists carefully chosen to match your field or industry.

Rely on Dutch translators who are native-speaking experts. This means native Dutch speakers for English to Dutch translation and native English speakers for Dutch to English.

Combined, this ensures we deliver the most accurate and precise translations no matter your project’s objectives.

Why use Kwintessential?

  • We only use experienced, native Dutch-speaking translators for our projects. This ensures that all translations are accurate and culturally appropriate.
  • Our translators must adhere to strict quality control guidelines, guaranteeing high-quality and accurate translations every time.
  • Our team is highly experienced in various Dutch dialects, which allows us to provide translations for any region and target demographic.
  • We offer competitive pricing plans tailored to your budget and needs.
  • Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions about our services or the process of completing a project. We strive to ensure all of our clients are satisfied with the result.

Source Dutch translators specialising in your field

Count on us to have expert linguists qualified in the subject matter you need. Including:

The ideal Dutch translation service for your project

Our Dutch translation service for London offers everything you need in one convenient place:

  • Qualified, experienced translators – draw on the expertise of a dedicated team of translators. All of our veteran linguists translate solely into their native language.
  • Any size of document – we take on jobs with as little as 50 words right through to projects of well over 50 000 words.
  • Any format – you can send us hard copies, emails, word documents, PDFs, scanned images, websites, or any other file format you might be working in.

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Are you tired of struggling to communicate with Dutch clients or partners? Look no further than Kwintessential for expert Dutch translation services. We understand the importance of clear and accurate communication in business, which is why we offer bespoke translation services tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our team of experienced linguists will ensure your message is delivered accurately and effectively, giving you a competitive edge in the Dutch market. Our London-based team is dedicated to helping UK companies excel in their communications abroad. Don’t let language barriers hold you back – contact us today to learn how we can help your business thrive.

Useful information to know about the Dutch language

What language do the Dutch speak?

Almost all of the Dutch, the people of the Netherlands, speak Dutch. Dutch is a West Germanic language sometimes called Dutch Nederlands or Netherlandic, and referred to as Flemish or Flemish Vlaams in Belgium.

Dutch has several regional dialects and the Netherlands also has several officially recognised provincial languages. These include West Frisian (which has around 450 000 speakers in the province of Friesland), Papiamento (the official language in the municipality of Bonaire as well as the native language in Curaçao and Aruba), and several dialects of Low Saxon (around 1.8 million speakers) and Luxembourgish (825 000 speakers).

But almost all of the people of the Netherlands – around 98% or more – speak Dutch. A huge number – between 90% and 93% of the population – can hold a conversation in English. 71% can also do so in German and 29% in French.

This impressive multilingual ability is a hallmark of the Netherlands.

Where is Dutch spoken?

As well as being spoken by the roughly 18 million speakers in the Netherlands, Dutch is spoken by a further approximately seven million people around the world.

It is one of the three official languages of Belgium (along with French and German), though it is referred to as Flemish by the 60% of the population who speak it there. Dutch is also the official language in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, and Suriname.

There were also Cape Dutch dialects that have since evolved into Afrikaans.

Are Dutch and German the same language?

Dutch is a Germanic language in the same family as German – and also English – but Dutch and German are not the same.

Some similarities between German and Dutch include the use of grammatical genders, although Dutch has fewer of these and they have fewer grammatical consequences. The two languages also have a similar word order.

Yet neither Dutch nor English has gone through the so-called “High German consonant shift” and Dutch has done away with most of its case system. Under most circumstances, German and Dutch are not even mutually intelligible when spoken.

What is the Dutch language similar to?

The closest living language to Dutch is Afrikaans, spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia by around 16 million people.

Afrikaans is a daughter language of Dutch that evolved from its Cape Dialects and the two languages are mutually intelligible.

Apart from that, German, English, and the Frisian languages – all also members of the West Germanic part of the language tree – are the most similar to Dutch.

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