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Rely on Dari translations matched to your purpose

Reach your audience wherever Dari is spoken, with Dari translation services designed for London, UK and global companies – and delivered by native-speaking subject matter specialists.

Start localising any project today. From web content to legal contracts. Internal communications to your latest marketing. Always relying on ISO 17100 and ISO 9001-accredited language services from fully qualified and experienced professional linguists.

There is one thing that some of the UK’s leading organisations – including the BBC World Service and Marks & Spencer – have in common. When they need Dari translation services – or to speak the language of their audience in any part of the world – they turn to Kwintessential.

Why Kwintessential?

  • Get a personal account manager who ensures your requirements are met
  • Rely on subject specialist Dari translators in every industry
  • Translate any project – from just a few words, to a few hundred thousand
  • Count on extensive Quality Assurance processes, including editing and proofreading
  • Get competitive rates on any Dari translation service you need

Rely on Dari translation services from subject matter specialists

Like all of the other clients who use our Dari translation services in London, the UK and around the world, you will have your materials translated by linguists who are industry experts.

This guarantees that things like correct terminology and phrasing will be properly carried over into your translated documents. We commonly call on Dari translators with experience and/ or qualifications in:

Enjoy fluent precision from native-speaking linguists

Use us for translations into and out of Dari. Our translators will always translate into their mother tongue – so a native Dari speaker will translate into Dari and a native English speaker will translate into English.

This ensures that your materials – no matter whether they are letters, brochures, handbooks, articles, manuals, guides, contracts, novels or anything else – will always look natural to a native eye.

Get the right Dari translator for your London or global project

Which part of the world are you targeting with your Dari translation?

Dari originated in the area once known as Persia, today’s Iran and Afghanistan. The name of the language actually comes from Darius, the Persian Emperor. Today, there are two different forms of Dari:

  • The Dari spoken in Afghanistan – is much more widely used. There are various Dari dialects in the provinces of Herat, Hazarajat, Balkh, Ghor, Ghazni, Budaksham, Panjsher, the Galcha-Pamir Mountains and Kabul. It can also be known as Afghan Farsi, Eastern Farsi, Herati, Tajiki, Kaboli, Kabuli or Khorasani.
  • Zoroastrian Dari or Parsi-Dari – spoken in the Yezd and Kerman areas of Iran.

Using the right dialect and variant of the language is vital if you want to demonstrate a true commitment to the region. Equally, if you are translating from Dari into English, you will want to target the correct variant for your audience, such as American or British English.

No matter your target region, we ensure your Dari translation services are always handled by native speakers of your target region.

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