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Rely on ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality-accredited Breton translation services used by London, UK, and international organisations to target audiences anywhere Breton is spoken.

You can call on our industry-specialist linguists to translate any kind of content. This might mean your website or online content, mission-critical materials, marketing, birth certificates and other documents, e-learning and training materials, and much more.

Each of our Breton translators has been chosen for their expertise in specific fields. This might mean law, finance, life sciences, particular fields of engineering or manufacturing, or dozens of others.

Combined with their native-speaking mastery of your target language, this means any Breton translation we complete for your will be a carefully judged, compelling, and accurate version of your original.

Why use Kwintessential?

  • Rely on the same company used by the BBC, Marks & Spencer, and many others
  • Count on native-speaking linguists with expertise in specific types of content
  • Communicate as the authority you are via subject matter specialists in your field
  • Begin with a free, no-obligation quote on competitive rates

Work through your own personal Breton translation team

Count on us to assemble a unique team for your every Breton translation project. We assign a unique group of linguists carefully selected from our global talent pool for their Masters degree-level qualifications and/ or five or more years of experience in your industry.

They will be native speakers of your target language too. We always use native Breton speakers for English to Breton translation and English native speakers for Breton to English projects.

It’s the only way to deliver truly precise, fluent, and persuasive target documents that read completely naturally for your target audience.

Localise any document, format, or topic

No matter your subject matter or the type of content or document you need to translate, we always have the expertise to match.

Our in-house team includes multilingual DTP and typesetting specialists and we can always locate the right experts to translate, edit, and proofread any kind of content you might have in front of you into or out of Breton:

  • Hard copies, including vital personal documents like birth certificates
  • Emails and other internal communications
  • Word documents, PDFs, scanned images, and other digital files
  • Websites and online content
  • Video and audio content
  • Marketing communications and collateral of all kinds
  • Technical content, drawings, and schematics
  • E-learning and training materials

Translate into an endangered but growing language

The Breton language (Brezhoneg) is mainly spoken in Western Brittany but, as a Celtic language, it actually originated in the British Isles. You will also find more dispersed groups of speakers in Eastern Brittany and in other parts of the world where Breton people have emigrated.

The language has very little in common with French or any of the romance languages and has no official recognition in the country. Yet the number of speakers is growing thanks to conservation efforts.

Despite its relatively limited spread and being spoken by only around a quarter of a million people, Breton has four dialects in a mutually-intelligible continuum, corresponding with four different regions where it is spoken. For instance, the Leoneg dialect of Léon.

No matter which part of Brittany or which Breton-speaking audience you want to target, we ensure you can always find the right linguist for the job.

Nationwide linguistic solutions

At Kwintessential, our expertise in translation and interpretation services extends far beyond our local offices, reaching out to businesses across the entire United Kingdom. Whether you’re based in bustling London, historic Edinburgh, vibrant Manchester, or elsewhere, our dedicated team is equipped to support your multilingual needs. Embrace global opportunities with our tailored services, ensuring your message resonates in every corner of the UK and beyond.

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