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Welcome to Kwintessential – the right place for top Bosnian translations. All our Bosnian translations are of the best quality, completed in the fastest possible time-frame and charged at very competitive rates.

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We have been serving clients with top-of-the-line Bosnian translations for years. Through careful and considerate translation combined with attentive customer service we continue to earn a reputation for being a reliable, hassle-free Bosnian translation service.

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Qualified, experienced translators: When using our Bosnian translation service you draw on the expertise of a dedicated team of translation professionals. All are qualified, veteran translators that work solely into their native languages. So only a native speaker will translate into English and only a native Bosnian speaker would work into Bosnian.

Translations of any topic: We cover any subject matter including…

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Did you know?

Bosnian, sometimes called as Bosniak/Bosniac, is a South Slavic language native to the Bosniak people and all other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The language is notably spoken in the areas of Bosnia, the Bosniak-dominated region of Sandzak (in Serbia and Montenegro) and elsewhere. The standard Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian languages are all mutually intelligible.

The name for the language is a controversial issue for neighbouring Croats and Serbs. Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) choose to call the language Bosnian, Serbs continue call their language Serbian, and Croats call the language Croatian. The use of the language will remain an issue as the three peoples continue to name their language on ethnic lines.

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