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Discover the benefits of professional Albanian translation services

Get high-quality, hassle-free, and reliable Albanian translation services in London, the UK, and worldwide – all delivered by native-speaking specialists in your industry.

You might need to translate anything from marketing materials to technical content to literature into or out of Albanian. You might need it for internal purposes or a wide array of different target audiences.

The field you’re in might be law or finance. It might be retail or marketing, life sciences, manufacturing, automotive engineering, or any other industry. We have clients including the BBC, Facebook, and dozens of others across a wide array of sectors.

Whatever your content type, whatever your field, our specialist Albanian translators let you communicate fluently and accurately. You’ll retain the same authority as you do in your native tongue, through Albanian translation services that meet the critical ISO 9001 and ISO 17100-accredited quality standards.

Why use Kwintessential?

  • Count on friendly, personal customer support no matter your project scope
  • Have your Albanian translation handled by a native-speaking linguist
  • Rely on your translator being a qualified specialist in your field or industry
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Work with a hand-picked linguistic team

Your project and goals will be unique. So the Albanian translation team we bring together to work on achieving them be one-of-a-kind too.

Each will be a specialist in your industry, with five years or more experience in the field, a Masters-level degree, or both.

That’s on top of being native speakers of your target language to ensure fluency and fidelity. This means we use native Albanian speakers for English-to-Albanian translation and native English speakers who are also masters of Albanian when English is your target language.

Translate any documents into or out of Albanian

Use us for translating, editing, and proofreading any documents and content into or out of Albanian. We have a great deal of experience completing website translation and software localisation, as well as providing Albanian interpreting services for all kinds of events.

We regularly work with small and medium businesses, individuals, and major multinational organisations across a broad range of industries, including:

Target a unique and intriguing language

The Albanian language is often regarded as being somewhat unique. Like Armenian, it isn’t closely related even to any other Indo-European languages, of which family group it is a part.

You will find six million speakers of Albanian in the Balkans, chiefly in Albania, Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. There are also a further one and a half million or more Albanian speakers in Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and elsewhere.

You can rely on us to source the perfect linguist to help you target either of the two main dialects of Albanian and many others, including:

  • Gheg – is a major dialect mainly spoken in more northerly parts of Albania and in regions such as Montenegro.
  • Tosk – was adopted by Albania, Kosovo, and some other regions as “standard Albanian” in 1969. It is more often spoken in southern parts of the country, as well as having native speakers in Ukraine, Turkey, and Egypt.
  • Transitional dialects – there are many dialects on a continuum between these two. These are often split into sub-dialects.

Albanian Translation Services for UK Businesses Nationwide

At Kwintessential, we’re not just focused on providing top-notch Albanian translation services; we also cater to businesses across the UK. Whether you’re in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, or beyond, our team is here to support your linguistic needs, ensuring seamless communication in the global marketplace.

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