How Translation Can Build Lifelong Friendships

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Learning another language at any age can be a difficult and daunting task – however, once mastered, the rewards can be endless. Research has shown that those who are able to speak fluently in another language can interact, understand and develop connection on a deeper social level. Translation is key to building the foundations of friendship.


This level of engagement is underpinned by the connections in the cortex of the brain – which are sculpted by the ability to interpret cultural differences in different contexts. This provides exponential benefits to the linguist, enabling them to resonate and feel an affinity to the heritage of the world and their place within that.


Hence, the process of translation and learning a new language is a valuable investment for yourself and your business. Understanding differences – aside from the phonetics and spelling of words and phrases – will give you a deeper understanding of your audiences.



Long Distance Communication


Long distance communication, whether it’s for business or pleasure – is never an ideal situation. When meeting face to face, emotions and body language can often help a great deal if the attendees speak different languages.


For professional long distance relationships, for example – suppliers or another office location, where there may be occasions where documents, marketing material and meeting notes or outcomes, it will need to be accurately translated to ensure no information is crucially missed or misinterpreted.



The Possibilities Associated with Being Multilingual


On more of a personal scale – the benefits associated with becoming bi or multilingual open up to many more possibilities for friendship, love and learning. One great way to practice and improve translation is to write to a pen pal – where you will have the time to write, research and translate effectively the thoughts and emotions you’re feeling.


In addition to this, other benefits of being multilingual include the possibility of travel, and the foresight of sharing, learning new experiences and trying new foods – the world really is your oyster!


This willingness to learn and communicate can, in turn, revolutionise and enrich lives. The art of communication and understanding is curated by effective and timely translation, by avoiding unnecessary confusion and mishap when understanding personal communication.



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Connecting to others through the medium of words is an extremely powerful method of expression – and, together with the right context for effective translation, provides both a foundation and a springboard for the future of your business relationships, or your personal friendships.


And, with obtaining the correct translation being paramount to the future success of your endeavours – at Kwintessential, our translators are expertly trained and experienced to provide real human transcriptions and adaptations of tone, style and cultural appropriation.


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