Translation conference in Libya

Translation conference in Libya

Libya has launched its third conference on translation, organised by Libya’s Academy of Graduate Studies, the British Council and the Italian Institute in Tripoli.

Present at the event were Dr. Saleh Ibrahim Al Mabrouk, Dean of the Academy of Graduate Studies; Mrs. Anna, Director of the British Council in Tripoli; Peter Rosily, Head of the Italian Institute in Tripoli; Mrs. Jennifer, Advisor at the US Embassy at Tripoli; Cultural Attaches of the Tunisian and Moroccan embassies in Tripoli; and a number of scholars, professors and students.

During the conference, Mabrouk stressed the important role of translation in the advancement of civilisations, noting that it is translation (not merely learning a foreign language) that led the Arabs previously to take a leading position in science and knowledge in the world.

“Translation is an important subject that must not be undermined. The Arabs had advanced previously due to translation, not due to learning foreign languages. Learning a foreign language on its own does not lead to a Renaissance. In order to revive knowledge, translation and the transmitting of scientific information is needed,” said Mabrouk.Read more> Libya 

Katia Reed

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