Translation and “the language of Europe”

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The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, and the Commissioner for multilingualism, Leonard Orban, have invited 16 well known European translators, writers, publishers and literary critics from different countries to a Lunch-Debate on translation and culture, to be held on 6 November in Brussels. The Lunch-Debate will be preceded by a half-day discussion among the participants focusing on translation as a key to dialogue between cultures; an intellectual bridge between small and big languages; and translation in all its forms and actors.
“I see translation as one of the expressions of multilingualism”, said Commissioner Orban, “A society is multilingual not only when its citizens can speak different languages, but also when its languages maintain a constant communication through translation. Translation is indeed a continuous negotiation between the author, the translator and the reader. In Europe, we know this only too well, negotiation being the very essence of our staying together.”

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