Is Translating Marketing Material Necessary?

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Translating marketing material opens up a world of prospects for businesses on an international platform. For companies who are looking to expand into foreign territory, cement their brand internationally or launch new products and services to foreign customers, the translation of marketing material will be an imperative inclusion in their plans. The prime objective of translating marketing material is to access the attention, custom and support of international audiences and this can help to establish brand names and expand customer bases significantly and quickly.


Any firm who wants to expand their operations internationally will need to be sure that they have an interested market and that their product is relevant, desirable and realistic for the target country. This is done through the assessment of competitor brands, marketing and trials. Without this process, a company who aims to access international customers does so blindly and risks substantial financial loss, detrimental impacts to the business name and weakened their future business to cement deals in that country. As a starting point, marketing teams need to be sure that their material was effective in English. If a marketing campaign was unsuccessful in the home country, there is an immediate risk of failure internationally and so communications and marketing managers but be confident that their original material is effective, memorable and successful.


It is therefore absolutely vital that marketing material is translated properly in order for it to be effective and this means that translators and marketing teams must be aware, not only of language differences, but cultural considerations, the use of country specific humour and the target audience of their chosen nations. Marketing, which often makes use of current trends, funny taglines, historical features and competitor brands, must reflect the audience that it aims to sell or promote to and as such, it is not enough for the marketing material of the UK to simply be translated into another language. Instead, the original material must be evaluated for cultural connotations and UK specific material and this must then be removed or adapted to suit the new target audience.


A marketing team who does not take the time to regulate the material and evaluate its relevance for a new country is one who is likely to meet obstacles and failures. At best, the marketing campaign will be lacking and not capture the attention of the new audience; at worst, it will offend and completely eliminate the potential of international success for the firm. What’s more, firms who aim to cut costs by hiring a non-professional translation team will immediately come across as unprofessional, unreliable and illegitimate. Translations that are not professionally completed are readily identifiable and easily dismissable. However, getting the translation of marketing material right can be the springboard into mammoth rewards for a business and can rapidly increase profit margins and business worth.


Well executed translated marketing material will capture the attention and imagination of the foreign market and will encourage greater sales and brand awareness. What’s more, professional translation of marketing will ensure that potential clients remember the product, service and company and this will lead to referrals and conversations in the country, further promoting the firm at no additional cost. Some of the world’s best marketing plans have been translated into multiple languages, adapted to suit the cultural considerations of the target country and have demonstrated mammoth success on a global scale. These marketing programmes were carried out professionally and with focus and consideration and though this takes more time than a speedy and simple language swap, the benefits to the company are significantly higher.


Effectively, asking whether the translation of marketing material is necessary for any business who wants to expand internationally is tantamount to questioning whether domestic marketing is a requirement for any business start-up. Marketing a product, service or strength is imperative, whether that be at home or abroad for businesses looking to expand. Without marketing, the full potential of success cannot be realised and the overall value and competitiveness of the company will be lacking.

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