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Language translation in the digital age seems like a straightforward enough affair. The internet holds all the keys to unlocking communication with everyone worldwide – not just the lines of communication but the translated words themselves.

Unfortunately, not all translations are equal – especially when professional translation is the order of the day. Find out why an experienced, certified and (most importantly) human translator is the only option for document translation.

The Importance of Communication

Have you ever read that common statistic that says 93% of human communication comes from our body language and tone of voice? These days, it’s disputed as being a myth. Physical touch can’t be replicated in written text, but it’s becoming more apparent that delivery is just one piece of the communication puzzle. Spoken, face-to-face or written – communicating effectively is vitally important to us all, even if we don’t realise it.

Let’s take websites, for example; website translation is more about knowing the audience and local communities than the core processing of language. Of course, the correct information is paramount, but delivering it correctly is equally important. As with all copywriting, you need to engage the intended reader.

Language Translation and Localisation

Nailing the language in a translation means understanding localisation: common idioms used by the audience, literal translations, turns of phrase, expressive language, sarcasm (or the lack of it), culture and community.

Back to the website translation scenario, let’s say we’re translating an international website, with users spanning the North and South American continents, Europe and beyond. We would make more than one set of translations for Spanish users – because Spanish speakers in Mexico and the USA are a separate local audience with a distinct set of idioms from the Spanish spoken in Spain.

The same goes for French-speaking Canadians, French-speaking Haitians and native French people -he local languages are the same and completely different at the same time!

What about closer to home? Well, in Wales, English and Welsh are commonly used in tandem – not just on road signs or in print – but in everyday conversation, woven together. In some communities, Welsh words commonly drop into conversations in English.

Kwintessential understands all of this and more, delivering the core message of a website in the best way for an intended audience.

The importance of communication can’t be overstated – it’s the bedrock of human society. Getting it right in person is just as important as getting it right in print. Professional language translation can’t be trusted to an automated online translator, no matter how much “artificial intelligence” it’s been built with. Simply copying and pasting text into a browser-based translation service won’t cut it.

Nothing beats human intelligence (yet).

Legal Document Translation Services

In our experience and with our language translation offering, one of the most common needs we see in international business is legal document translation. Translating a legal document can be fraught with risk because of the specificity of the ideas being communicated. A legal document can’t be vague in the least. It can’t just be “good enough”.

Making a legal document in multiple languages requires a great deal of care, planning and thought, not only for the laws they apply to but for the language they use. Regardless of language, the document has to deliver the exact same ideas, with no confusion. For complete peace of mind, use a certified translator.

What Types of Documents are Translated?

Legal documents cover the entire spectrum of the law, from contracts to crime. The most common aspects of law covered by our language translation services are criminal, family, employment, immigration and personal injury law.

From administrative subpoenas to work permits – by working closely with legal teams, all applicable documents can be translated into their equivalents.

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