Translation and music: How musicians bring cultures together

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Whether you’ve recently been to a wedding, birthday, funeral or perhaps a graduation – you would have undoubtedly heard there was music being played – either by a DJ, live band or through a speaker system. Maybe you danced, sang or at least tried to – but above all, was your evening improved by music? If it was, there’s a science behind that!


So, what’s the point in music? Recent studies have shown that music, in fact, has more of an effect on us than we think – in fact, we’re actually wired for music, and a little part of our brain is dedicated entirely to the sensory process of listening to the rhythm! But, how does this affect our interaction with others?


Listening to Music in Groups Brings Us Closer Together


Several studies into the effect of music on the human brain have backed up these claims – with one revealing that through the art of performing music, either singing, dancing or moving – was proven to raise the participant’s pain threshold, which actually increases the endorphins released in your brain.


Interestingly, the effect was found to be intensified by the size of the group – the larger the number of participants, the greater the release of endorphins were, particularly with singing, where it was found that large choirs bonded together quickly.


In addition to this, increased dopamine release has been linked to music, which is a mood booster mostly associated with pleasures such as eating and sex. This is why a dynamic shared experience with music, such as an event or a concert – unites people together through this similar release of dopamine in the brain.


Shared Experiences Through Sound – and the Transcension of Music


The relationship between language and music lies in the similarity of the way the brain processes the information. Language, regardless of whether it may be English, French or Chinese is processed through the combination of sound and vibrations – in order to convey understanding from one brain to another.


Communication is an essential and daily part of all our lives – defining our decisions and experiences for the future. That’s why accurate and humanised translation from one tongue to another, whether it be personal, professional or commercial – is of utmost importance when we are looking to connect, understand and identify with one another.


The beauty of music is, regardless of the language – the ability for experience to be shared and transcended over the limitations of the tongue. When we open our mouths to say something to someone, it can be said that this is a variation of performance. According to Music Psychologist Ed Large, music “works in much the same way as language – using a combination of sound and dynamic variation to impart a certain understanding in the listener… Communication is achieved when the rhythms in the brain are synchronised”.


Expert Music Translation at Kwintessential


The translation work we provide at Kwintessential is founded on our ethos of helping others to spread the word, bridging the language barrier and removing limitations. Music translation ensures that not just the tune of your music is enjoyed by many, but the lyrics can be too – bringing different cultures together.


Let Kwintessential provide you with your music translation. What really sets us apart from any other service is not only our passion for supporting the business through the challenges of globalisation – we are also invested in an understanding that your language translation requires a complex and innate attention to detail.


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