Content Marketing: 12 Surprising Statistics on Multilingual Marketing

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New research has revealed that many companies operating globally do not give proper attention to global marketing strategies. Translation of content for a surprising many isn’t on the to-do list. Digital strategy and content consultant Ayaz Nanji  believes that the international marketing strategies of many companies leave a lot to be desired. Here’s 12 surprising statistics.

In an article on Marketing Profs, Nanji states that a recent report issued by Cloudwords revealed a baffling 60% of all respondents do not use a global strategy for their marketing.

And this is not the end of the story, he says, as the stats also showed that 67% of the participants had no idea what technology tool they used for their translation projects.

81% had never even heard of translation memory of how to use it within the translation process to save time and money.

In addition, about 1/3 of the marketers were unaware of how much time is needed to carry out translations.

The report was conducted by surveying 500 marketers that attended Content Marketing World.

Next to details about translation, it also revealed interesting facts about management issues. Many companies (69%) also had no clue about their budget and almost 42% of the surveyed marketers felt uninformed about their company’s future plans.

Nanji also stated a number of other interesting figures from the report.

According to him, the study revealed that only 8% of all companies in the global market do not translate any of their content. If they do use translation, companies do so in an average of eight languages.


It was revealed that the documents that are most often translated are website materials; this is the case for 79% of all companies. Other important documents are brochures and product information (42%). In addition, blogs and content found on social media and press releases, are both translated in 23% of the cases.

Of course, marketers are also aware of the challenges that come with translating your content in a foreign language. Nanji states that 30% of the participants considered the high costs involved in localization and the slow turnaround times to be the biggest challenges. Many respondents also mentioned the difficulties in keeping a company’s message consistent on a global level; this appear to be a problem for 20% of the surveyed companies.

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