Winter sale on electronic dictionaries and translation software

Winter sale on electronic dictionaries and translation software

In the market for an English dictionary – or a translation dictionary for Spanish, French, or German? Ultralingua’s Winter Sale is usually limited to current users, but this year it’s open to everyone. Savings of over 20% (through December 31, 2007) apply across the board.

To take advantage of the Winter Sale discounts, just go to, choose the products you want and enter the discount code ULTW7 in your shopping cart. The discount will be automatically applied.

Sale pricing applies to Ultralingua’s flagship Windows and Macintosh Dictionary/Thesaurus products as well as other multiplatform, multilingual dictionaries: the regular price of $29.95 is now only $23.95. This covers platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Smartphone and Symbian. The Collins line of dictionaries, and the Grammatica spelling and grammar checkers are also on sale.

Online dictionary subscriptions are also sale-priced: just $23.95 for a year of high-quality dictionary and translation access for more than a dozen common language pairs (even Latin and Esperanto), including advanced features for most languages, like stemmed searches and verb conjugations for all tenses. The Winter Sale applies to the new iPhone and iPod touch versions as well.

Katia Reed

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