Verizon launch Interpretation Service

Verizon launch Interpretation Service

With the launch of the Verizon Prepaid Interpretation Service, the inability to communicate with non-English speakers should no longer be a problem that breaks a business deal or prevents social interaction with a contact who speaks another language.

The new service is the first of its kind to provide mobile, on-demand, quick, global access to professional interpreters in more than 170 languages. It is ideal for travellers, business professionals or anyone interacting with people who either speak no English or just a limited amount.

“The world has become more accessible, but a major barrier to doing business in a global community is the lack of a common language,” said Ken Kelley, product manager for Verizon. “By offering businesses and international travellers an on-demand, mobile, over-the-phone and culturally sensitive interpretation service, the language barrier can be bridged.”

Katia Reed

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