Meet Elise Kuip

Elise Kuip

Meet Elise Kuip

Elise_Kuip.pngHave you enjoyed the blog posts recently? If so then you have Elise to thank!  Elise is originally from the Netherlands and has been an intern at Kwintessential for the last four months. Find out a little bit more about our talented blogger.

During her Bachelor in English Language and Culture, Elise discovered that the subject of translation interested her greatly. Thus, when she finished her bachelor’s degree, it only made sense that she continued to explore this field by taking a Master’s degree in Translation Studies.

Here, she took the opportunity to learn about the various kinds of translation, taking courses in both literary and commercial translation and learning about the theoretical as well as the practical side of the subject.

Just before she finished her degree, Elise decided she wanted to gain even more experience in the translation field and see a little bit more of the world as well. That’s why she decided to apply for an internship abroad, which brought her to our company.

Now that her internship has ended, she wants to focus on the literary side of translation, but will continue writing great articles for our blog as well!

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