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Translating legal documents abroad

Legal Translation Services

Planning on taking a company to court anytime soon? Be careful, because this might be more difficult than you think, especially if you want to take the company to court in another country. Not only will the case documents have to be translated,  the country will probably have a different legal system as well. This is where language-services firms come in; these firms can help with the translations but with the alteration of it for another legal system too.  Special “e-software” has even been created to aid lawyers to must process big bulks of electronic data. However, translators mustn’t fear they will be out of a job, as this software must be operated by people who have linguistic knowledge. Read more

Twitter languages across the world

Have you always wondered what countries are complete twitter addicts and what countries do not care about the social media site at all? Last year, Eric Fisher created a map which shows the use of twitter worldwide. This map does not only show in what areas people tweet away, but also indicates the language that is being used. Take a look at the article to discover in what languages people tweet in your country! Read more

Microsoft working on instant translation tool

Microsoft translation tool

Microsoft is developing a tool that instantly translates spoken language. Microsoft isn’t the first company to give this a go; however, their tool goes beyond computerized spoken text as it maintains the intonation and cadence of the speaker. Experts have always struggled to achieve this , but a completely new technique called Deep Neural Networks, has finally made this possible. Even though the tool is not perfect yet, this might be a breakthrough in speech translation. Read more

Chinese > English translation communities growing

In the last few years, China has experienced the rise of the brand new phenomenon of translation communities. On websites such as Yeeyan, volunteers translate English articles about practically every subject imaginable into the Chinese language, which  are then read and evaluated by other members. Most of these communities try to refrain from publishing political articles in order to avoid shutdown by the Chinese government, but websites that solely focus on politics exist as well. Although Yeeyan is not aiming to make money, the website is generating a little money by translating books via crowdsourcing. Translation communities have something for everyone; whether the visitor is interested in a specific topic or simply translation in general, they will provide their readers with a great deal of information.  Read more

Intellectual struggle: East vs West culture

Even intellectual struggle can be related to culture: this article explains the different implications that the concept has in the East and the West. In the East, struggling with something you are learning is seen as a part of the learning process, and persisting through the struggle shows that you are determined. However, in the West,  struggle  is seen as a sign of weakness, a sign that you are not smart enough. According to the article, both beliefs have pros and cons, and knowing about each other’s point of view will enable the East and the West to become more culturally conscious. Read more

Leadership across cultures

Leadership Cultural Differences

In this article, Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop interviews Gilbert Ghostine, president of Diageo Asia Pacific about leadership and working across cultures. Managers should take notes, as Ghostine gives valuable tips on how to manage a multicultural team. Read more

Intercultural team-work

Cross Cultural TeamworkAs stated many times before, working with various cultures can be challenging, especially when decisions have to be made. Lisa Quast has written an article about her experiences with intercultural teams. These experiences were quite positive as an effort was often made to create a cultural understanding among the various cultures. According to Quast, understanding and patience are key when working across cultures, and we could not agree more! Read more

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