Introducing Ben Lewis

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Photo of Ben LewisDear blog-reading enthusiasts,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself…

I am a football fan, fitness fanatic (although I don’t look like it), lover of travel, food, drink and riding roller-coasters. However most importantly, I am a Relationship Manager at Kwintessential having started at the very beginning of January. My job is primarily focused on client contact, making sure that all of our clients are happy with what we do, and the processes on which we operate. This of course changes from business to business so it is important that you are able to adapt to cater for their needs.
From here on in you will be hearing a lot more from me as I write about my thoughts and experiences on the cross-cultural industry, news on translation and interpreting, and anything I think you will find interesting…which is in fact most things. I have been given the task of making my posts thoroughly interesting, thought-provoking and in some places, incredibly funny. No pressure then.

So look out for my first proper post which will be coming very soon!

Cheerio (need a better sign-off),

Ben Lewis+

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