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If you are in need of a boost to your translation sales then you might want to take a look at a new guide that has come from The Common Sense Advisory entitled “How to Drive Translation Sales”.
This guide offers a manual on how translation companies can help to guide their sales teams back to selling more and achieving higher sales targets. The manual claims to get your translation sales team selling and therefore pushing up your profits.
Business sense determines that in order to get your sales team working to your advantage then your company will need to have a very clear guide to its selling strategy. However it is a fact that many companies see their sales figures drop as a result of their translation services not having an organised sales guide for their staff to follow.
The theory behind the new manual “How to Drive Translation Sales” is based on The Common Sense Advisory’s Localization Maturity Model which claims to help bolster selling techniques by providing a strategic manual for selling.
Instead of using regular hit and miss-selling techniques this guide hopes to change the way that you are selling your translation services, by showing companies how to create their own manual for their sales force to follow. This manual will help guide them to maximising their sales figures. This is done by using a comprehensive selling guide when approaching new clients and by looking at their translation needs as a whole, therefore providing a solution based selling method.
The manual was a result of collaboration between The Common Sense Advisory and Selling Translations®. Both of these companies agree that it is a powerful manual for those who are looking to overhaul their sales techniques in order to maximise translation sales.
The guide claims to help you put together your very own manual to outline a selling strategy for your translation business and offers a helpful guide on such things as:

    • Average salaries for translation salespeople.


    • A guide on how to keep your translation sales in line with your corporate strategy.


    • A watch list of common mistakes that lead to selling failure.

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