10 reasons why I loved my Translation Internship

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If you are looking for an internship in the field of translation, language, cultural awareness, localization or international marketing, you could do a lot worse than come to Kwintessential!

Former intern, Lucia Gomez, gives 10 reasons why she loved her internship with us and how it has helped her career.

1 – The translation industry: This internship was an invaluable experience, which gave me a much better understanding of how the translation industry works and the relationship between translation agencies and translators/interpreters.

2 – Translation skills: I improved my translation and formatting skills, as I worked with text typologies and genders I didn´t translate before as a freelancer. Although some translation assignments were incredibly hard and coupled with very long hours, it was also very rewarding.

3 – Support: My mentor always provided me with guidance, support and feedback, whatever the activity.

4 – Communication Skills: I worked on my social skills and team communication was much more effective over time. My fluency in English improved significantly as well.

5 – Vibrancy: I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this enthusiastic and young team. Attending meetings with clients and professional networking events was all new to me!

6 – Confidence: I gained so much knowledge, insight and confidence to step up for myself and others that I am sure I will benefit from it for many years to come.

7 – Motivated: I was always treated exceptionally well, both personally and professionally. I always felt motivated and good about coming to the office and determined to achieve my goals.

8 – Professional Skills: The training was really effective and it´s evident from my new management skills that I made good progress.

9 – Real life: I learnt a lot by taking real assignments in a controlled learning environment.

10 – Career prospects: It has been a step forward in my professional career.

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