What if the world were 100 people?

What if the world were 100 people?

John Yunker has come out with a nice little report called “What if the world were 100 people”. Some of his conclusions include:

>> How many of these people have Internet access?

Of these 100 people, only 16 currently have Internet access.

Here’s where they live:

> 6 live in Asia
> 5 live in Europe
> 3 live in North America
> 1 lives in Latin America
> 1 lives in “Rest of World”

>> What languages do they speak?

Of the 16 people with Internet access, here’s how they are represented by their native languages:

> 5 speak English
> 2 speak Chinese
> 1 speaks Japanese
> 1 speaks Spanish
> 7 speak “Rest of World” languages

Read the full report here.

Katia Reed

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