Weetabix Localization Strategy Targets the Chinese Breakfast Market

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When reading about localization in the business world, it is important to remember that it’s so much more than language localization or websites and apps. Localization in fact can refer to adapting anything to another country, culture or taste. Weetabix are now planning on targetting the Chinese breakfast market but what will they localize?

Realising that the Chinese have their very distinct habits and tastes, the company have decided to try and break into the market through the localization of taste and flavours.

Giles Turrell, chief executive of the Weetabix Food Company, explains they are planning to experiment with a raft of different flavours, one of which would be the tea which originated in China.

Although at an early stage, the company have already been testing flavours as well as carrying out qualitative research inside China into breakfast habits. The company hires researchers who actualy sit down with a family over breakfast, quizzing them as they go along.

Just as the Chinese didn’t drink much coffee 10 years ago, Weetabix believe if they get their localization strategy right, in another 10 years they can see their product being eaten for breakfast across the country.

On top of this, with the Chinese levels of trust in their own food produce at an all time low, Western brands are more and more in demand signalling opportunities for food exporters.

I guess we watch this space and wait to see how Weetabix go about their conquest of China.

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