Translation and Localization: A Guide within the Context of Globalization and Internationalization

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Do you know what G.I.L.T stands for? Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation. Within business the strategy and services that are associated with taking brands and businesses global are becoming increasingly important, especially online.

Working in the field, we come across confusion and misunderstanding over definitions, applications and uses of these terms all the time.

In response, we decided to put one of our localization specialists, Mizar Becerril, to the test by getting her to compile a beginner’s guide to G.I.L.T.

The result is a fantastic guide and overview of localization and translation within the business context of internationalization and globalization.


What’s inside the #g11n, #i18n, #l10n and #t9n guide?

As well as teaching you the hashtags, there is a lot more covered in the guide. The PDF is made up of  chapters covering the following key areas:

– Definitions and meanings
– The localization process
– Types of localization
– Market research
– The localization market
– Localization tools

Starting with an overview of terms, meanings, definitions and context the guide gives a comprehensive overview of the types of localization…


…moving into a look at the process to ensure quality, cultural fluency and format….

…along with some case studies from businesses and websites illustrating how localization is carried out for real. At the end of the guide we also look at the localization industry in terms of tools, localization vendors and the size of the market.

To get your hands on a copy of this free guide, simply click > Guide to G.I.L.T

..and don’t forget to share it with everyone else :).

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