ThoughtFarmer Intranet v3.0 Breaks Organizational Language Barrier

ThoughtFarmer Intranet v3.0 Breaks Organizational Language Barrier

Today, at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, ThoughtFarmer announced the third generation of its wiki-inspired intranet platform: ThoughtFarmer Intranet 3.0 Multilingual.

ThoughtFarmer is a simple, social way for employees to collaborate, share ideas and find information. Wiki-inspired, but without the chaos, ThoughtFarmer combines the collaborative and empowering benefits of social software with a secure and centralized intranet platform demanded by the modern enterprise.

Previous versions of ThoughtFarmer addressed the need for organizations to be able to better leverage the intellectual capital that exists at all levels of the organization. ThoughtFarmer helped companies like Intrawest Placemaking break through regional and departmental barriers, bringing together geographically dispersed colleagues with similar job functions. Idea sharing on ThoughtFarmer produced real ROI.

In version 3.0, ThoughtFarmer sets its sights on breaking through the organizational language barrier.

“Our multinational customers want to collaborate regardless of language,” said ThoughtFarmer President, Darren Gibbons. “ThoughtFarmer 3.0’s features allow them to cross those language boundaries.”

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Katia Reed

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