Ten Tips on International SEO

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Got a website? Looking to take it global? Well you need our top ten tips on international SEO to get your campaign off to a flying start. Let our A-Team of SEO gurus guide you to glory!

Websites, websites everywhere; but there are some of you out there that smell the potential of taking your website global. Whether its online retail, an affiliate scheme or simply your company website there is a whole world out there waiting for you to come and tell them who you are and what you do.

Internet stats clearly show that the English speaking world is now in the minority [check World Internet Usage if you don’t believe me]. 10 years ago the picture was very different. I remember back in 2004 preaching the gospel of website translation and nobody saw the point. Bit different now isn’t it? So the maths is pretty simple. Website + Translation/Localization = increased business. Simple no? Well yes and no. Yes, at the end of the day it is a matter of converting your website into another language along with localization bells and whistles. However, there is no guarantee [unless you have some crazy advertising budget] that people in the UAE, China or Russia will find your website.

To be discovered you need to invest some elbow grease in SEO. Now we won’t pretend to be SEO hot-shots but we know a few things about taking a website abroad and tackling Google or the local search engines due to doing it ourselves and advising clients.

So we thought we’d give our readers 10 simple tips to take into consideration when thinking through your international SEO campaign. To liven things up a bit we’ve brought in our A-Team of global SEO gurus to talk you through their tips via video. You lucky lucky people….

We hope you enjoy! Click the link to watch each video and remember to leave us some comments. Here is tip #5 to get you started:

1.Use Local Domains: Opting for country-specific domains (.uk, .de, etc.) can significantly boost your website’s credibility and relevance in local search results.
2.Use a Local Server: Hosting your website on a server located in your target country can improve site speed and search rankings in that region.
3.Localise, Don’t Just Translate: It’s crucial to adapt your content culturally and linguistically for each market rather than just translating the text.
4.Inbound Links from Local Websites: Acquiring links from popular websites within your target country can enhance your site’s local relevance and authority.
5.Target Local Search Engines: Focus on optimising your site for search engines that are widely used in your target country, not just Google.
6.Register with Local Directories: Listing your business in local online directories can improve your local SEO and visibility.
7.Use Local Search Terms: Incorporate region-specific keywords and phrases into your website content for better local search rankings.
8.Local Address & Number on Website: Displaying a local address and phone number can boost local trust and relevance.
9.User Experience Testing is Key: Regularly test and optimise your website’s user experience for each target market to ensure it meets local preferences and standards.
10.Offsite Marketing is Crucial: Engaging in offsite marketing activities like social media marketing, local PR, and event sponsorships can enhance your brand’s local presence.

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