Metaphors and Website Design: A Cross-Cultural Case Study

Metaphors and Website Design: A Cross-Cultural Case Study

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Tide, a product of Proctor and Gamble (P & G), is a well-known laundry product. In India, Tide and Ariel (both P & G products) control 11% of the domestic detergent market (P & G, 2004). In March of 2004, P & G launched a campaign to gain more control in India by reducing the price of detergent by 20-50% resulting in a 200-gram pack of Tide selling for about $0.22 (P & G, 2004). An increase in the market share is likely to result in an increased number of Indian users logging on to the Tide website. features a stain detective to provide users with advice on removing stains while doing laundry. The stain detective was developed based on a card sorting activity in which clusters “mapped to rooms in a house where the stain would occur” (Nelson & Hibner, 2003, p. 1323). As a result of this, the stain detective uses the metaphor of a prototypical American house to facilitate users’ search for a particular stain type.

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Katia Reed

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