Localization Practices allow for Simultaneous Release of Pokemon Game

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Gamers or localization specialists may have noticed the naming of the new Pokemon games –  Pokemon X&Y. This break from their traditional naming policy seems to be an indication of a new localization strategy worth taking note of.

Consumer marketing director for The Pokemon Company J.C. Smith has stated: ‘I can say that the names help unify the experience internationally because they’re the same worldwide. This is the first time Pokemon titles have launched simultaneously around the World.’

It is also the first time that the games are introduced to markets all over the world at the very same time. According to Smith, Nintendo and the developers of the games had been trying to launch them simultaneously for quite some time. However, this has only become possible now as the localization process has recently become much better.

Smith also talked about the focus on the social aspect of the game. ‘The trading card game to video games, our aim is to bring players together. We launched our official Facebook and Twitter presence for Pokemon in North America last year and social media will be part of our strategy for communication and community going forward.’

Pokemon X&Y is the first game that is released for a 3D console. This means gamers will see a whole different side of the characters they know and love.

The games will feature both new and familiar Pokemon and word on the street is that the combat mechanics have changed drastically as well.

Gamefreak and Nintendo are usually fairly conservative when it comes to creating games, but it seems they have turned over a new leaf. Pokemon fanatics will have to hold their breath a little while longer, though, as the games will be released in late autumn 2013.

What do you think of this strategy? Can you see where the Pokemon creators are coming from in terms of creating a global name to connect all countries and cultures?

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