Localisation: Never ignore Language, Culture and Slang

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For readers who are unsure of what localisation is, how it works and what it does; this blog is for you. For those who understand it, then you’re probably already chuckling at the image above.

I came across this packet of soup in my local “foreign foods” shop in Yeovil, and by coincidence a friend of mine also posted it up on Facebook.

A perfect example of why products need localisation,” I thought!

I shouldn’t have to explain what the manufacturers of this Jamaican soup have done ‘wrong’ here. If you’re British it’s clear; if you’re not, then have a guess what “cock” may mean in British slang. Have a think…it’s naughty.

This is exactly what localisation is all about – looking at your company, products, services, brand names, colour schemes, logo, website, images, etc and checking that they will not have any negative or funny interpretations when you take them to another country.

If you want to get it right on the international stage, you need to look at differences between cultures, languages and all sorts.

Check out our video of the top 10 localisation blunders below which will give you some more examples from the world of business:

Do you now understand localisation why it’s so important in business?

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