Lapjacks: Website Translation Case Study

Lapjacks: Website Translation Case Study

LapJacks™ are made from a high quality vinyl and laminate composite which you apply to the laptop lid to personalise and protect your notebook computer. The Lapjack uses a durable and re-usable adhesive which leaves no traces of residue glue.

Why did LapJacks™ come to Kwintessential?

The success of LapJacks™ in the UK market, demonstrated the potential global potential of this product and, as such, a decision was made to translate the website into languages other than just English.

What role did Kwintessential play?

The process was very simple and straightforward. LapJacks™ sent the text which needed to be translated (from English to Danish) to the Kwintessential translation team.  Kwintessential then translated the text and returned it to LapJacks™.  The team, responsible for internet management at LapJacks™, then uploaded the language accordingly into the new Danish version internet site.

Following this, LapJacks™ then sent the link to Kwintessential and one of Kwintessential’s translators went through the whole site with a fine toothcomb to ensure that there were no language / spelling inaccuracies and to ensure that the language read well and flowed effectively.

What was the Outcome?

LapJacks™ are now ready to launch their product within the Danish market, hence opening their market wider and growing their business further.

Find our more about Kwintessential’s Website Translation Service.

Katia Reed

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