International Search Engine Marketing

International Search Engine Marketing

The article below is a parapgraph from Michael Bonfils’ ” Top International Search Marketing Failures to Avoid in 2010″….

Although it’s nearly impossible to list all the failures I’ve seen over the last 15 years since our beloved industry emerged, I’ve seen five big ones. We’ll look at two today, and three more in our next installment.

Failure 1: Misguided Research

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that, like many, I’ve often dreamed of selling something for a dollar profit to every Chinese and Indian citizen, but I would never base population as a target market strategy. Although it isn’t entirely impossible, there are many things to consider when researching your markets.

It all starts with your primary objective. Branding a product, versus selling a product, versus obtaining a lead for your product would almost all have different strategies.

Log files can be used as a factor in target market research, but they aren’t necessarily accurate. Some clients have discovered that even though China delivered the most non-U.S. traffic to their site, it was the French, number seven on their list, which converted 10 times more than their Chinese counterparts.

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