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Copywriting is an art form and a science rolled into one. Copywriters tend to be skilled, flexible jacks of all trades: knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects, with a specialism in emotive and engaging writing. Copywriting has many guises and applications, with specialisms in each area: some are more science, some are more art.


For instance, advertising copy is science imitating art. It’s looking for a proven formula for results (the science) and a way of eliciting an emotional response (the art). Even if there’s a logical, justifiable reason behind the product or service being advertised, the end consumer has to want what’s being sold.


In a world of companies offering the same things to the same audience, marketing and advertising are often the only things separating a whole raft of businesses today.


Web copy has to juggle SEO and PPC relevance, emotion, value and readability all at once. It has to convince a user to convert, or to hit another page, or take an action – and you can’t do either of things if the page isn’t found in the first place.


Foreign language copywriting is made all the more difficult for these reasons. If you need the copy in another language, how can you be sure that it’s on brand, emotive, SEO and PPC ready – how can you be sure that the message is coming through? Does the core message even translate?


Native Speaking Copywriters


Choosing a native speaker to carry out foreign language copywriting duties isn’t just a wise move: it’s the only real option. You need somebody who is flexible and knowledgeable, adaptable, adept and able. Someone that can write web copy, brochures, press releases, ad copy, social media posts, emails, newsletters and articles.


A professional copywriter is a chameleon and a shape-shifter, regardless of the language they’re writing in. At Kwintessential, we know the value of a good writer, and what it means to have a command of language. All our copywriters have the skill, cultural knowledge, attitude and inquisitive nature that make an exceptional writer.


Our expert foreign language copywriters have all the attributes required for the creation of emotive, engaging and useful content. Our writers can take a brief, brand guidelines and tone of voice – and make them work for your new audience.


By weeding out the cultural faux pas and making your new copy a perfect fit for the target audience, you can be confident in a copywriter from Kwintessential.


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