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Many multi-national companies are learning the hard way that when it comes down to competing for international business in foreign territory, then it is very important to make sure that the website translation is spot on.
Over the years there have been numerous embarrassing blunders made by both UK and foreign companies and when it came to making sure that the translation of their goods and services was perfect for their new foreign customer base they were seriously off the mark.
The way in which a company handles the website translation is key to foreign business success, as not only does an effective translation help to win over business but it also makes the company look at lot more professional and switched on. Some foreign countries will see it as a huge mark of disrespect if the translation is wrong and this can cost money, which is very bad for figures.
Many UK companies are realising that in order to have success outside of the UK the translation into foreign languages is vital. However the standard of the translation is also just as important as the act.
You may or may not have heard about the toe-curling mistake that was made by Pepsi during an ad campaign that they were running in China. The ad claimed that the drink would help to bring the dead back to life, when it actual fact what Pepsi wanted to say was “Come alive with the Pepsi generation”
Once the translation is 100% perfect then companies will be able to go out into the foreign business market knowing that they have properly equipped themselves for the job.

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