Workplace Diversity and Global Business

Workplace Diversity and Global Business

Unless you are a hermit, you probably have a manager, subordinate, customer or supplier whose mother tongue is not your own. With increased diversity and a more global business environment, expect this to happen more frequently.

Says Randall Craig, management consultant, speaker and author of the career planning book Leaving the Mother Ship: “The challenge of selling a concept to a non-fluent person is simple: if they do not understand you, they will not buy your ideas. And if they don’t buy your ideas, they won’t buy you — a critical issue if you are looking to sell yourself into a promotion, a special project or a new job.”

The problem is compounded by the fear of embarrassment; few people in positions of authority are keen to admit a lack of understanding. They assume that an admission can be interpreted as a lack of intellect or a lack of business acumen.

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Katia Reed
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