When telephone interpreting might be useful in business

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Businesses can benefit from translation services in a number of ways and through successfully translating materials and communications, a company can quickly increase its customer base and profit margins. Utilising the experience and skills of a telephone interpretation service can further enhance a business’ offerings with almost instant interaction opportunities in a number of languages. This means that customers benefit from the same service levels of a firm as those that are enjoyed by domestic clients. What’s more, such translation services are usually offered by talented experts who have specific industry experience which allows them to relay information that is relevant to the enquiry or business without compromising the use of correct terminology and context.


Telephone Boxes in London

Telephone interpreting allows a business to offer its client base an efficient and cost-friendly ways of communication in a number of different languages. This means that a customer need not wait a lengthy amount of time to receive a response to their queries, whilst a translation team work on written texts and instead, the business can offer direct and swift replies vocally by phone. This, in turn, means that customers feel like they are utilising the services of a national business, rather than facing the obstacles of foreign trading. Many businesses are able to offer telephone translation services through a low-cost line, meaning that customers are dealt with within seconds, transactions are completed more quickly and the professionalism and efficiency of the firm is heightened significantly.


Why Do Businesses Choose Telephone Interpretation?


Telephone interpretation services are preferred by many businesses over face to face interpretation options for a number of reasons. Such businesses highlight the benefits of telephone translations including:


– Speed of response. A telephone interpretation service is less limited by working hours, response times and international time zones.


– Telephone interpretation can be offered more readily to address unexpected enquiries. A business is not required to have an in-house interpreter on site at all times if they offer telephone services as calls can be connected to the appropriate interpreter no matter what time of day or how unexpected the enquiry may be.


– Telephone interpretation allows customers to remain anonymous should they desire and in some industries, this is key to successful communication (i.e. health services).


– If interactions are expected to be quick, telephone interpretation services are much less expensive than hiring a face to face interpreter.


– Telephone interpretation is not bound by geographical restrictions and so whether you want to conduct a meeting or respond to a customer enquiry, a business does not have to suffer the cost, time and geographical obstacles or arranging a face to face interpreter if they can offer telephone options.



Telephone interpretation services, when conducted by talented and professional interpreters, can be the perfect solution to the need to offer high quality immediate communications in foreign languages. Such services are often available 24 hours a day and this means that time zones and geographical considerations need not influence the response your customers receive, meaning that your business is as efficient and professional as a competitor located in the client’s own country.

For a business that wants to trade internationally without compromising the levels of service and the swiftness of communications and transactions, telephone interpretation can be key to enjoying full success levels. Customers prefer to use businesses that offer reliable communication lines and a firm that maintains uniformed standards no matter which country they are trading in, demonstrates professionalism, integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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