Selling Cars: its all about Cultural Considerations

Selling Cars: its all about Cultural Considerations

Selling cars is a lot about cultural considerations. Ask the French. They are focussing on India’s cultural aspects to sell automobiles in the country. France’s top business and engineering schools have sent their students to India to learn the various aspects of working in the Indian cultural scenario. Renault, the French automobile manufacturer, is sponsoring the trip and guiding them are students from IIM-A.

Students from the top-notch HEC School of Management and Ecole Polytechnique are visiting Mumbai and Chennai to study the cultural diversity between India and France as part of a project funded by Renault under its chair in multicultural management set up a few weeks ago.

India and Japan are the first focus areas for the company because the two countries are “strategically important and yet complicated for being culturally different,” said professor Eolic Godelier, who is leading the team of students from Ecole Polytechnique. This company will also implement this other countries.

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Katia Reed

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