Police lost in translation in Royal blackmail case

Police lost in translation in Royal blackmail case

A bid by French police to investigate the alleged attempt to blackmail a member of the Royal Family was hampered by their inability to speak English, a court heard yesterday.

The Royal, identified only as A, was on holiday in France when he learned that two men wanted £50,000 for an incriminating tape, it was alleged.

A’s friend, a lawyer known as C, informed Lt Arthur Maccotta. The Old Bailey heard that C phoned the two accused, Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan, to set up a meeting in France. Lt Maccotta, giving evidence through an interpreter, said he and his boss listened in to the call. Jerome Lynch, defending, asked: “But you couldn’t understand any English?” He replied: “No, but I have full confidence in what C was saying.”

Katia Reed

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