Linguatec Personal Translator 2008

Linguatec Personal Translator 2008

There are plenty of programs to help learn a new language but pure translation programs are rare. This is because this type of software is still very much in its infancy.

personal translator

Enter Linguatec Personal Translator 2008 Home Edition, a reasonably priced package that integrates with a word processor for instant translation of words, sentences or entire documents between English, German, French, Portugese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

The program has a logical, friendly layout. The screen can be divided into two areas, vertically or horizontally. One area displays text to be translated, the other shows the results of the translation. We found it easier to split the screen vertically on our widescreen notebook, but the results box can be totally collapsed, leaving what is essentially a text-editor similar to a basic word processor.

Katia Reed

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