HR Training Course for Non-HR Managers

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Up to now many companies have largely underestimated one essential part of their capital – and that is human capital. Businesses can have endless material and financial resources, but without a strong workforce, they cannot make use of these resources.

Hence, an in-depth understanding of HR issues and successful HR management are of vital importance for the wellbeing and the success of any organization.

In short: develop your business by developing your people!

Are you planning to embark on a career in the HR sector? Or are you already supervising or managing a team with responsibilities related to Human Resources but have no background in HR? Then this information might be very useful for you.

In the past, the position of HR manager was closely linked to the carrying out of administrative tasks. However, to fit the needs of today’s fast changing business environment it has evolved into a much more complex role, bearing responsibilities for all the people related processes within the organisation.

Some of the key responsibilities include:

–    The HR manager needs to assess the personnel needs of the company in order to be able to create comprehensive job descriptions and identify specific job requirements.

–    The next step consists of the recruitment of suitable candidates and the successful selection of qualified employees. A detailed recruitment plan will prove very useful throughout the process.

–    Monitoring people and appraising performance is essential to identify training needs and areas that still need improvement. Providing counseling and comprehensive feedback is another important task of the HR manager.

–    Equally important is the conducting and supervising of training and development programmes. Your people are an asset to your company. Hence, it is definitely worth investing in them. Participation in training programmes will improve performance and productivity.

–    It is of utter importance to know employment laws and regulations and understand which rights and responsibilities this creates for both, employer and employee.

–    Ensure the working environment is safe, including free from harassment and bullying as well as work environment hazards. If your employees feel safe and confident at the workplace this will have a positive impact on their performance.

At the outset, taking on a position related to HR might be a challenging undertaking, especially if you do not have any previous experience in the field.

But you do not need to worry; Kwintessential is here to help you! Our training course “HR for Non-HR Managers” is specifically considering you non-HR background.

If you aspire to gain the essential knowledge and competences to increase your confidence in dealing with HR and employment law issues, this training will be exactly addressing your needs.

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