Understanding Conflicts – Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Understanding Conflicts – Cross-Cultural Perspectives

cross cultural conflict

August 19-23, 2008, Aarhus, Denmark

An international, interdisciplinary research conference on the diversity of conceptions and cultural images of conflicts:


This event is the first of a series of large international interdisciplinary meetings that will bring together researchers from different cultural background working on the analysis and transformation of conflicts due to cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity.

Johanna Seibt
Philosophy Department
University of Aarhus, Denmark

Mailing address:
Aarhus Universitet
Institut for Filosofi og Idehistorie
Bygn.1467, 6. sal, kontor 620
Jens Chr. Skousvej 7
8000 Aarhus C

Phone: + 45  8942 2216
Direct Phone: + 45 8942 1976
Fax.: + 45 8942 2223

Katia Reed

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