Proposals for Intercultural Training Ideas

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You are invited to submit a proposal for an innovative intercultural training idea or model for inclusion in a new intercultural training resource.
Many intercultural training activities and models have been used now for the past 30 years.  This resource aims to highlight innovative activities and models that can be used in intercultural training.  Innovative here is defined either as an entirely new and original way of engaging participants around intercultural themes and/or creative adaptations of concepts/activities from other fields.
We welcome you to submit for consideration your latest and greatest idea for working with culture, in one of two formats:
1.    Training Activities – be it icebreakers, exercises and activities, simulations, case studies, role plays, games, or other types of creative training activities that you have created or discovered and that are highly effective.
2.    Creative Alternatives for Culture Concepts – be it new models, analogies, pictures, processes, proverbs, quotes, cartoons, or other interesting and visual approaches to helping people understand culture concepts.
These can include the use of technology, face-to-face delivery , etc.

The less common, the more original, the more creative, and the more effective–the better.
If you thought of it yourself, great.

If you borrowed or adapted it from somewhere else (e.g. another field, another colleague, that’s fine too, just cite your sources).

If you have one idea or a dozen to contribute, please contribute as many as you wish.
The deadline for submitting your ideas is September 1st, 2009.
The best way to submit is online. For further instructions and a link to the submission form, go to:
If you have difficulty submitting online, you can email Kate Berardo ([email protected]) and  Dr. Darla K. Deardorff ([email protected]).

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