New DVD! “Diversity Challenges”

New DVD! “Diversity Challenges”

We are happy to announce the addition of a new DVD to our library of >> Training DVDs:


Diversity Challanges DVD from Kwintessential on Vimeo.


The new title, “Diversity Challenges” is an engaging training program designed to stimulate classroom discussion of two challenging, open-ended scenarios.


Put your team to work solving these situations:


* The Interview – You interview a candidate who has all the right, hard-to-find skills you need for the job, but he is clearly uncomfortable with your diverse team. The hiring decision is yours. What would you do?
* Do I Have to Work With Him? – You teamed up two skilled employees for a big project. Now one wants a new partner claiming she is uncomfortable with their differences. As the deadline approaches, what would you do?


Each scene has two parts:


* The Situation shares the storyline and the interesting human dynamics affecting the characters. Then, the video stops and asks the question, “What would you do?”

* The Debriefing provides additional insight by allowing participants to hear each of the character’s inner self-talk. This self-talk sheds light on their inner feelings, motivations and backgrounds.


Special offer: Any quoting reference “ICN12” when placing on order for this DVD will get a 10% discount. Simply send us an email asking for “Diversity Challenges VL6646” and quoting the reference. Normal charge is £410 + VAT.

Katia Reed

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