Negotiation across cultures

Negotiation across cultures

Negotiation tactics differ from country to country. Some cultures expect clients to negotiate over things that would be totally unacceptable in other countries. People simply have different approaches to when it comes to negotiation.

Imagine a line of people waiting for a taxi at an airport. Imagine the taxi drivers reaction if his client started haggling over the price of his ride before he got inside the taxi. In the New York airport and even in the Paris airport, the customer would have no chance of getting in the taxi cab. In other countries, this is expected. And not only expected, if you do not bargain the locals will laugh at you.

It is very important to know what is culturally expected of you when it comes to negotiation. If you are just starting out in developing your international markets, it is wise to do some homework and identify the standard expected negotiating habits in your target country.

Katia Reed

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