Indians told to brush up on Etiquette

Indians told to brush up on Etiquette

India has compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for its citizens at this year’s Commonwealth Games to help showcase New Delhi’s charms.

“We want to tell them don’t urinate in public, don’t spit, keep your houses and shops clean, keep public transport safe and such things,” Delhi tourism chief Rina Ray told the Hindustan Times Friday.

“This will tell every Delhiite that instead of being on the sidelines as a spectator, he or she can contribute to a better games.”

New Delhi is preparing to host more than 100,000 foreign visitors during the October 3-14 event and the Indian capital hopes to use to games to show itself off as a truly global city.

“We don’t want to start (the campaign) too early lest it fizzles out,” Ray said.

Katia Reed

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